Therapeutic Massage

Integrative therapy
Specialized and tailored just for your personal needs. Integrative therapy combines multiple modalities to assist in the relief of chronic conditions such as migraines, injuries from car accidents, frozen shoulder, postural issues from work conditions, sciatica, plantar fasciitis etc. Sessions may be limited to areas of complaint or injury instead of full body massages for 60 min sessions.
Lymphatic drainage therapy
Post op/ general Lymphatic drainage massage is great for reducing edema after surgeries or general swelling. After liposuction, Lymphatic massage is great for promoting healing, reducing swelling and reducing scar tissue formation. This therapy is not recommended for those with Lupus or major
circulatory issues. Sessions normally last 1 hour which will focus on specific ares such as upper or lower torso. If attention is needed in multiple areas, a 90 min session is recommended.
Hot Stone Massage
Find your zen place with Hot stone Massage. The basalt stones are heated in water to the perfect temperature to melt away tension and allow the heat to penetrate deep into the tissue to release toxins and make you say aahhhhhh!
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Relaxation Massage

Swedish Massage
A soothing massage to promote circulation and relaxation. Swedish massage is excellent for stress management and has been known to lower blood pressure, increase circulation and create a sense of well being.
Prenatal Massage
A wonderful treat for the mother-to-be. As the body gets ready to expect the new baby, we may find new aches and pains pop up. This side-lying prenatal massage focuses on making mom more comfortable and gently massaging the tension out of achy necks and shoulders, relieving sciatic pain and sore achy feet.
Hands on Healing technique where practitioner channels energy into the patient through touch to activate the natural healing processes and restore feelings of well being and
This therapy is good for those with a high sensitivity to touch that normal massage might otherwise be too intense or uncomfortable for.
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Special Event/ Corporate/ Chair Massage

Bridal parties/ Showers
What better way to start your wedding day than with a massage for the bride, groom or the whole wedding party! A unique way to pamper yourself and your guests!
Corporate chair massage
Employee Appreciation day? Wellness program? Bring a massage chair to the office to Show your employees just how much you appreciate them or to help reduce repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel and lower lumbar pain. A great way to lower workman comp claims!
Special event Chair Massage
Bring a massage chair to your next event for a unique gift to those around you or guests! A great way to draw attention to your booth or make any gathering feel more elegant!
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