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     Growing up, I was always fascinated by the human anatomy and its functions and always seemed to find a way to end up rubbing someones shoulders or feet be it pet or person. After High school I entered the massage therapy program at the Healing Arts Institute and graduated and was certified as a massage therapist in 1995. 

     My first job in the field was working for a Chiropractor performing therapeutic massage.  I was exposed to many different kinds of conditions and injuries, and became aware of just how beneficial Therapeutic massage was in assisting in pain management. Besides my private practice, I have also enjoyed working with a local Chiropractor for the last 20 years performing therapeutic massage.   With integrating different massage techniques into a unique session for each individual, I am able to assist patients achieve relief from their pain from chronic conditions and injuries, and became passionate to always learn more through continuing education to help others helping others on their road to wellness.  

     With over 25 years of practice under my fingers, and trained in the modalities of Swedish, Deep tissue, Orthopedic massage, Trigger point, Soft tissue release, Hot Stone, Pre-natal, Reiki and Lymphatic drainage massage, I will tailor your session to suit your specific health needs.