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  • Monique donates her time at WFWP events. We appreciate her time and love. Thank you Monique for what you do for our war veterans. Lord knows we need it.

    Monika M. ⋅                                                      

  • You're in good hands!

    Leslie T. ⋅ 

  • Monique is very talented and her knowledge shows through her technique.

    Melissa H. ⋅ 

  • Very good massage! Thorough knowledge of different modalities.

    Steve C. ⋅

  • Monique is AMAZING!!!

    MommaMolly ⋅

  • Professional massage with knowledge of various techniques. Monique is great!

    Kevin G. ⋅ 

  • Monique has a lot of experience and uses different techniques according to what your body needs. Very effective!

    A M. ⋅                                                                

  • Excellent Therapist. A natural healer : )

    Sokha K. ⋅                                                         

  • Professional, great massages, been seeing her for over 15 years now.

    Rebecca G. ⋅                                                       

  • Very professional and relaxing environment!

    Jason A. ⋅                                                            

  • Would definitely recommend to others!  Adam S. ⋅                                                                                                    

  •  This is truly deep tissue massage and the stones are awesome!                               James W. ⋅                                                       

  • Monique is great.                                            J. E. P. ⋅                                                             

  • Monique is an excellent massage therapist. I tend to have issues with my neck and shoulders and she has always been great at getting the knots out!                                 Tanya P. ⋅                                                         

  • Monique is really good at her craft,and it's easy to feel comfortable because she has a great personality.                                      Shelley C. ⋅                                                       

  • No one else measures up to her.                 Kirti P. ⋅                                                           

  • Great massage and very professional     deadheadbryan ⋅                                              

  • Monique is a very talented massage therapist. She is able to increase range of motion to clients with debilitating injuries as well as reduce pain and tension. Monique applies science and proven technique to her practice. She is dedicated to healing her clients. TRUST IN THIS MT WILL PRODUCE AMAZING RESULTS!                        Mickey B. ⋅                                                       

  • She is Just Good at what she Does..    lweiser ⋅ 

  • Monique Is the best!                              Brenda V. ⋅           

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